Semrush - Features You Need To Know

SEMRush is a competitive analysis tool used for search engine marketing & paid marketing research and without doubt the best tool that offers a bundle of features. If you are a newbie or a professional online marketing expert then you definitely need a tool like SEMRush for competitive analysis.SEMRush is the best tool that offers exceptional insights of PPC and organic keyword competition. I use it all the time for analyzing the competition and also for finding profitable keywords that will not only help us to get extra traffic but will also increase your revenue.SEOquake developers have created this amazing tool so that the online marketing experts and newbies can easily plan a solid SEO and a PPC strategy.

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Here’s a small list of features that SEMRush has to offer:
  • Competitors:
SEMRush will find not only Competitors or websites that you are up against in Search Engine but also Competitors that are running PPC campaigns.
  • Historical Data:
Historical Index (New Feature): With historical data you have access tothe orgranic and paid marketing data, meaning that if you wanted to analyze you website’s or your competitors website’s traffic and performance for the past month or for the whole previous year you can easily get that information through historical data feature.
  • Ads Text and Ads History:
If you have a e-commerce site or any other online business and you are promoting your website on Google Adwords it is really crucial for you to target the correct keywords otherwise you’ll be wasting your previous time and also money. You can find Ad copies that your competitors are using and also find out which Ad copy is working for them with the help of Ads History feature.
  • Potential ads/traffic sellers:
Find the websites related to your niche with SEMRush Advertising research feature because by doing this you can contact the website owners directly and also purchase Banner space on their websites and you don’t necessarily have to use Adwords traffic all the time because niche related can be really profitable and the traffic would also be a lot more cheaper than adwords.
  • Backlinks:
If you are in the field of SEO then you might know the importance of backlinks because once you find out more about the source of backlinks of your Competitors you can easily out rank them in search engines, SEMRush allows you to find the backlink sources of your competitors.
  • Position Tracking:
with position tracking you can monitor any daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and Adwords keywords in Google.
So, these were some of the feature that you get when you sign up for SEM Rush!
Now, let’s talk about different columns and what is their purpose:
  • Keyword: The Keyword field tells that which page of the sites is getting traffic and it’s percentage or share in the total traffic.
  • Position: The Keyword position of the website in search engine. For this example let’s say, I have selected the default data center which is Google US, (you can select UK,Australia,Germany and other locations too).
  • Volume: The volume tells you that how many monthly searches does a query or keyword has locally . In this post we’ll be analyzing Google US so the estimated volume will be of local US queries. i have manually verified and checked the monthly searches as well using Google Keyword Tool and the accuracy of SEMRush is 100%.
  • CPC: CPC Column tells you that how much the average Cost-Per-Click for the keyword found by SEMRush.
  • Traffic: The traffic column shows the ratio of visitors coming to a website from specific a keyword or term with the total number of visitors coming to the website.
  • URL: Targeted URL where the search engine and paid traffic is being delivered (it can either be a landing page or home page of the website because many companies and businesses use different pages for different keywords it can improve the conversion rate a lot!)
  • Com: A search engine and paid marketing tool is useless with competition analyzer. This column shows you the competition of advertisers for a keyword. If the number is Lower it’ll mean that there’s less competition for that keyword and there are limited advertisers bidding on that term.However if the number is higher that’ll mean there’s a lot of competition for that term.
  • Results: This column shows the total number of search engine results for a keyword or term.If the number of results is low then it means that it’ll be easier for you to rank in search engines for that term and if the number of results is higher than should probably avoid it if you were thinking promoting your website using organic traffic.
  • Trend: Probably one of the most amazing feature which can be very useful if utilized properly.Not all keywords can be profitable, if you have a costume shop you will not get the same amount of business every month that you get during halloween.
So, if you promote seasons or festive offers or products you can use the Trend column to find out which keyword you should be focusing on during the festive season and you can get the data for the whole year which makes it a lot more easier for you to find highly profitable keywords.

How to Update Your Wordpress Manually

In this post i am going to show you ‘How To Update WordPress Site Manually’. Why updating wordpress installation is important? WordPress is different from HTML websites, WordPress websites are dynamic, not static.Having a dynamic content management system means having more content and data to look after, more often.
WordPress Is Constantly Being Updated
There are dozens of reasons why you should constantly update your wordpress installation and plugins, some of the main reasons are listed below:
  • Updating wordpress prevent hackers from injecting malicious code and to stop them from exploiting vulnerabilities that would allow people to hack into wordpress powered websites.
  • Updating the installation will fix the bugs and errors in previous versions.
  • = Once updated you will get new enhancements and features that were added to the newer version. To tackle all these issues wordpress constantly updates their system, the process of updating a wordpress site is extremely easy you can do it directly from the wordpress dashboard.
How to Update WordPress Automatically Without Using FTP
Sometimes if you are using a shared web hosting account the wordpress may not be able to update plugins and installation automatically because of the permissions defined by the hosting provider to avoid unauthorized users from accessing your account, to solve this conflict we are going to edit the WP-Config file so that you can update the plugins and installation to new versions without providing FTP details.
This conflict normally occurs when the wordpress system is unable to write the /wp-content folder.
You can avoid this by changing the /wp-content folder permissions (CHMOD) to 755 which by default is set to 644, you can do that by accessing the root file through FTP.
However, i will recommend that you should try FS_Method and add a piece of code in wp-config.php file, This procedure will help you avoid any future inconvenience and it will allow auto-updates to your files.

1. First Open the ‘wp-config.php’ file
You can access this file from your WordPress root folder, the file is located inside the root folder where you have installed wordpress for instance: wordpress/wp-config.php but i would recommend that should download the wordpres installation files first from and then edit the wp-config file instead of editing it directly on your server.

2. Inserting the FS_METHOD code:
Afer you have opened the wp-config file paste the following piece of code inside the wp-config.php file, paste is below the other line of code as shown in the screenshot.

3. Save the file and upload

Once you have added the code, save it and then upload it to the WordPress root folder on your web server, you can upload the file directly from your web hosting control panel. A word of warning, before you update your wordpress website make sure that you back up the MySQL Database and Theme files to avoid any conflicts if you are using customized plugins or theme files because once you update the core files all the custom changes will be lost and you won’t be able to revert those changes unless you have created a back up.

I normally use CodeGuard for creating backups. However for this particular site i am using my Repono WordPress Backup Plugin they offer free trial as well and i am going to be creating a tutorial on how you can create the back up of your websites automatically using 3rd party services.
Although you can create manual backups as well but the process can be really hectic for people who don’t have any programming knowledge so i highly recommend that you should consider signing up for either one of these services.

How To Start A Blog | Make Your Own Website

Starting a blog is very simple, anyone can setup a blog but making it successful is a whole different topic. However, i am going to be teaching you the methods with which i have been making money online using my blogging skills. There are many ways that you make money with online blogging. So let’s get started!

Also Try Wordpress Training Courses

Select a topic that you would like to write about:
There are millions of blogs on the internet before hand and if you want to succeed your blog must be different from all the other blogs,if you want to engage with the visitors and readers you have to first build authority and credibility you can do that by writing about a topic that interests you the most because if you are passionate about Video Games, Golf,Movies or perhaps Politics you should stick to it don’t just blog about anything.

Free Blog Vs Self-Hosted Blog:
Don’t be alarmed, you can start a free blog on or or use any other good free blogging platform but if you need a flexible blog that you can customize and modify then i would suggest that you should setup a self-hosted blog.

Free Blogging Platforms:
In case you start a blog at any free blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typead), you will not get your own custom domain (.com/.net/.org) you will get a sub-domain similar to this: or and if you want to upgrade to a custom domain name it is going to cost you some money, that is why i always prefer using a self-hosted blogging platform like, but if you don’t want to spend money right now you can migrate your blog to a custom domain and on a self-hosted account later on but i don’t recommend it because not only it’ll be very hectic and also you can lose your readers.

Self-Hosted Blog: Start your own Self-Hosted blog using WordPress
I always recommend this to my readers, because not only it is extremely flexible and you have full control over your website and you can do whatever you want to do with it! You will have a custom domain name, like,, A domain name normally cost you $10-$30 per year and a good web hosting package would cost you around 7.95$ every month or if you need a cheap hosting account you can get it for $50 per year. However, if you want to try out free blogging platforms, here’s the list of top blogging services that i have compiled.

And if in case you have decided to start a self-hosted blog i would suggest that you should start searching for a domain name, finding a domain name is really easy but first you have to think of a topic or theme of your blog and come up with a name related to the topic. I would recommend Namecheap for registering your domain because not only they offer good prices but they also provide you with a wide range of other features.

Web Hosting For Self-Hosted Blog:

Now let’s find a good web hosting company,i would recommend that you should sign up for a hosting company that offers cPanel and “1 click installer”, which will easily install wordpress with no worries or any other CMS or forum script on your domain with a click of a button. If you want to start with a single wordpress blog then i would recommend WP Engine but it is very costly as compared to other web hosting companies, i am using Hostgator as well which is by far the best web hosting company and i am using Hatching package which costs $7.95 per month and you can host unlimited domains in this package. FatCow is also a decent option ($60/year + free domain) but the interface is little complicated as compared to Hostgator or BlueHost or any other cPanel web hosting company.

How to Install WordPress Using cPanel With Easy Steps In Very Less Time

Installation of WordPress is a very simple process however, if you are a beginner then you may find it hard to setup a Database and uploading the main files. In this post I am going to show you how you can install wordpress software on your domain using cPanel (Fantastico) one-click installation, so first of all you have to log into your cPanel account and after you have successfully logged in find the ‘Software/Services’ area inside your cPanel which is normally located under Databases section (I am using Hostgator in this example)

How To Install WordPress using Fantasitico Deluxe

After clicking on the Fantastico De Luxe you’ll be redirected to this page:

Wordpress cPanel Auto Installer

Now click on New Installation link:

Wordpress Fantastico Installer

After the in the next page, select the domain where you want to install wordpress and once you have finished entering all the required data click on “Install WordPress” button.

Fantastico Quick Installer WordPress

And that’s it! :D you have successfully installed wordpress using cPanel auto installer.

Download a WordPress theme for your blog: 
You can easily find a free wordpress theme for your blog, there are millions of themes to choose from and if you need  a unique and custom theme you can find some good themes at StudioPress or you can also design a custom theme using Catalyst Theme or
Genesis Theme framework for wordpress.